Antaractica (19 January 2025 – 14 days)


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South Pole 21-30 Jan 2025

Do reserve your spot as soon as possible. Cabins are very limited. You may think we are very early. But we are not. This trip is very big and expensive and needs alot of preparation.

Make sure you have companion to share your cabin with. The single occupancy cabin worth 75% more the double occupancy, which means 14000$ + 10500$ =24500$

We can find you a companion to share your cabin with, if any. We are not responsible if any inconvinience regard sharing with a stranger.

Payments are 100% non-refunadble once paid. Yet, Joyntrips team will try their best to resell the spot. Yet there will be a non-refundable charge of 500kd of whichever circumstances.

What do you need to do now is,

1) reserve your spot by paying a non-refubdable 500kd.

2) find yourself a companion.

3) you will be sent a detailed contract. You will need to read it, discuss it if any more explanations needed, sign it and resend it to Joyntrips team.

4) we will discuss with you the best payment program that suit you.

Why you should book this trip with Joyntrips?

1) Ocean Albatrous cruise is brand new boat, and Albatrous cruise line is one of the leading south pole expeditions operators.

2) we are offering 10% discount for all participants, and extra discount for joyntrips return customers.

3) we are offering to oay by installments. From now Until 2 months before departure.

4) trip is non-refundable. But we will help in reselling the spot incase of an emergency. “This is not guaranteed” penalties applied.

5) we will be a group. But it will not be a group trip. We will handle everything till your arrival to the cruise then the cruise will take care of their guests for the mentioned period.


  • 100% of the booking cost is non-refundable after 03/11/1969.100% من تكلفة الحجز غير قابلة للاسترداد بعد 03/11/1969