Argentina 🇦🇷 & Chile 🇨🇱 with Musaedارجنتين & تشيلي + التمديد إلى جزيرة الفصح مع مساعد

17 January 2024 – 14 Days17 يناير 2024 – 14 يوم


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Travel to Buenos Aires, bursting at the seams with bold buildings, European energy, and bustling boulevards. Spend some well-deserved time on the Tigre River or horse around with gauchos on an Argentinian estancia where ranch life is alive and kicking. On to Santiago, brimming with art galleries, irresistible eateries, and electrifying nightlife, not to mention your perfectly poised setting between the snow-capped Andes and the Chilean coastline. Walk through the historic streets to trace the city’s bold history and legendary landmarks in the heart of its colonial core. Enjoy free time to explore the legendary Chilean country. Follow your independent spirit further to explore the extraordinary archaeological treasures of Easter Island. Here, 1,000 massive and mysterious Moai statues stand silent – not sharing their secrets. Explore many more marvelous discoveries on the island, including its curious lava quarries and the lake-filled caldera of the Rano Kau volcano.

Importantملاحظات هامة

  • Arrive to (AEP) airport on (17 January 2024).اصل إلى مطار (AEP) في تاريخ (17 يناير 2024).
  • Depart from (SCL) airport on (30 January 2024).غادر من مطار (SCL) في تاريخ (30 يناير 2024).
  • Check if you need a visa for this destination.تحقق مما إذا كنت بحاجة إلى تأشيرة لهذه الوجهة.