Brazil 🇧🇷 with MusaedHavana مع جوين تربز

6 January 2025 – 11 Days6 يناير 2025 – 11 يوم


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Manaus • Amazon • Brasilia • Salvador • Rio de Janeiro City Tours of Manaus, Brasilia, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Visit Amazonian community, trekking in dry Amazon land, Canoeing into the Amazon, use Bow and Arrow, look for The pink dolphins, Piranha Fishing, Hang gliding in Rio, Helicopter tour in Rio, Visit the Christ and the sugar loaf, join a Samba dancing class. Be a Brazilian 🙌🏼🙌🏼. And as always a lot of great food, and great selection of restaurants. And OFCOURSE OUR WHITE FAREWELL DINNER 🤍 Meeting with Musaed prior booking to discuss options and the route of the trip. Will answer all of your question. No trip program will be given at the time being.

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Visa International Flights Tips and Gratuity Shopping Expenses
Visa International Flights Tips and Gratuity Shopping Expenses

Importantملاحظات هامة

  • Arrive to (BRA) airport on (6 January 2025).اصل إلى مطار (BRA) في تاريخ (6 يناير 2025).
  • Depart from (BRA) airport on (16 January 2025).غادر من مطار (BRA) في تاريخ (16 يناير 2025).
  • Check if you need a visa for this destination.تحقق مما إذا كنت بحاجة إلى تأشيرة لهذه الوجهة.


  • 100% of the booking cost is non-refundable after 08/11/2024.100% من تكلفة الحجز غير قابلة للاسترداد بعد 08/11/2024